Our Churches

We are located in the historical and beautiful parish of Trelawny Jamaica.

Our main church - St. Joseph Catholic Church is located in Falmouth, the parish capital. Our Mission Churches - All Saints Refuge and African Martyrs of Uganda are located on the outskirts of the capital.

St. Joseph Catholic Church

One of the most distinctive modernist buildings in Falmouth. Situated across the street from the ocean, its north entrance opens towards the water, with a front door of Italian copper. Its most distinctive features, eight curved and gabled roofs, can be interpreted as a reference to the tradition of building multi-pitched roofs in Falmouth, or more expressively, a series of irregular ocean waves or a collection of nuns’ wimples.

All Saints Catholic Church

Made from old cut stone, the beautiful All Saints church sits atop a hill in the community of Refuge.  Refuge is a village approximately 9.2km from Falmouth.

African Martyrs of Uganda

Clarks Town was originally part of Swanswick Estate – owned by G.M. Clarke – and was created in the post-Emancipation period.  The town was probably named for the Reverend John Clark, rather than the owners of the estate. African Martyrs of Uganda is located on the main road winding through the town near the library.